About Us - Overview

Given the large automotive industries in Singapore, we have decided to venture our way into workshops / garages mainly due to the overwhelming interest we have in motorsports. Hence, LHB Exhaust Motorsports was started in 2012. Situated at Changi North, we are a distance away from the cluster of workshops. Car owners and enthusiasts living and working in the East will find it more accessible to get their vehicle regularly maintained and developed. We never neglect anyone who shares the same interest as us - to keep your vehicle at the tip top condition. If you are living away from our vicinity, give us a call and we can arrange to bring your car to our place, and send your car to you when it is ready. Our service at your convenience and comfort.

LHB Exhaust MotorSports is constantly looking for the best deal we can provide for our esteem customers, bringing in and educating new product knowledge for all of you. We bring in most of the parts directly from supplier so as to bring down the cost for end users. With our team of qualified mechanics equipped with relevant experience, LHB Exhaust MotorSports is where you leave your car at, and put your mind at ease. We recommend what is best and necessary for your ride, attending to your request and preference would be our main concern. With the range of products that we carry and the services we provide in LHB, we believe to work things out for each and every one of you. Our greatest assets are our customers, because without customers, there is no company. We are looking forward to grow with you.

LHB Exhaust MotorSports Pte Ltd, Your Professional Installation and Service Centre.