Products - Nitron™ Racing Shocks

Nitron's worldwide success spans over a decade of prestigious race wins and lap records on both two and four wheels.

With direct motorsports involvement and a committed development program, every Nitron customer experiences cutting edge performance and design, proven on the world's most demanding circuits.

"Nitron aim to provide the highest quality suspension systems through a combination of innovation and uncompromising quality. Nitron will always represent value for money and outstanding customer service."

Designed, Engineered & Hand Built in the UK

Designed in Oxfordshire using the latest 3D CAD techniques, Nitron race shocks are billet machined and hand built entirely in the UK. Each fully serviceable race shock is made bespoke to order with customised spring and damping configurations.

Motorcycle, MX, Quad and ATV shocks are individually built to match the rider's weight and ridding style. Every aspect of the rider and machine are considered; the result is truly unique suspension, built to exacting standards and normally the reserve of professional budgets.

Some Features of Nitron Racing Shocks:

  • Hydraulic pre-load option
  • Lightweight fully titanium and hard anodised aluminium construction
  • Exceptional range of bump/rebound ratios
  • Extensive range of Nitron race springs fitted as standard
  • Aggressive terrain control
  • Re-buildable and re-valvable
  • Superior 40mm or 46mm Teflon banded piston for consistent and accurate damping control
  • TStainless steel carboline hydraulic hoses with 360 degree articulation for unrestricted installation
  • 15mm bore PTFE lined bearings

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