Strenth Racing Under Carriage:

Reinforced Rubber Bushing
  • Hardness is 150% higher than OE rubber bushings
  • Solid steering response & driving suspension feel
  • Resist side inclined while cornering at high speed maneuvers
  • Made with high strength and anti-crack rubber material.
  • Viscosity between rubber and metal is about 2000KGS

Upgrade Suspension (Camber Kits)

Stage I / Street Racing (Reinforced Rubber Bushing)
Stage II / Drifting (Anti-Dust Pillow Ball Bushing)
  • Control arm is made by high density steel.
  • Collocation with hardened rubber bushing (street racing) or anti-dust pillow ball bushing (drifting).
  • Provide advanced stability during high speed driving or hard cornering.
  • Immediate response from driver's steering control under acceleration.
  • links are assembled with WAVE WASHERS between nuts and bolts, which enable both of them to tie even harder, won't come loose or back off.
  • In additional, WAVE WASHERS allow retightening again, unlike competitor's products are difficult to loosen or tighten while doing the next alignment in the future.

Reinforced Engine Mount
  • Hardness rubber mounts create more strength than OE rubber mounts.
  • Immediately experience the feedback from engine acceleration.
  • Reduce engine movement significantly.
  • Provide the maximum output under engine acceleration.
  • Compound with high anti-vibration and durometer rubber material.

Reinforced Steering & Stabilizer Kits
  • Made of state of art material THERMOPLASTIC, unlike polyurethane material that is easily broken.
  • Resistant to oil, alkali and ozone, self-lubricating, resilient, high strength and hardness.
  • Combining the benefits of two key materials: strength from plastic and compression from rubber.
  • Withstand severe weather conditions, and will not brittle, crack or discolor with age.
  • Temperature range: -40°C ~ 100°C.