Getting your car prepared for the upcoming race is tedious when you have more important work. There are many factors to consider being a track ready vehicle. Bring it to us and we will crack the brains. This should be our work.

From car lightening to engine condition & race fuel, we can deal with what’s required for a track ready vehicle. As enthusiast ourselves, we understand you want to push the car to the best it can achieve to clock the best self timing. Remember, recommendations are free, so do not be afraid to let us know what you are looking at for your ultimate ride.

Some of the race car preparation involves:

  • - Race exhaust system
  • - Car lightening
  • - Engine condition
  • - Tire pressure / tire threading / tire temperature / tire condition
  • - Suspension tuning
  • - Camber / Toe / Caster / Height adjustments
  • - Engine / Radiator / Brake / Power Steering fluid checks
  • - Bolts & Nuts tightened to torque
  • - Race fuel & octane booster
  • - Aerodynamics & GT-wing angle setting
  • - FIA approved race seats & 4/5 point safety harness belt