Red Bull F1 history

 Red Bull Racing is a racing team from Austria that is a regular member of Formula One. This team has many awards and titles, its race cars won designer cups for their inventors. The founder of the team was the director and the constant head of the same-name power engineering company Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz. The base of the team is in Britain, despite the fact that it acts with a license from Austria. Red Bull is led by German citizen Christian Horner. The Red Bull team has a wide range of cars, each of which is superior to the previous one. From 2005 to 2014, the team designers released 10 models of cars.

Redbull F1 history

The first model, Red Bull RB1, was developed by Jaguar Racing for the Formula One season in 2005. Scott David drove this car for the whole season along with Austrian Christian Klin and Italian Vitantonio Luzzi. This team went through 2 test drives. The engine of the first car was Cosworth TJ2005, the volume of the car was three-liter. The result of this car was the fourth place, which is very good for debutants. The second season was not as simple and successful as the previous one. Problems unsettled, but the manual did not give up. Support for Ferrari is difficult to overestimate; the same applies to the role of the new eminent team director Adrian Newey. The team earned an insignificant 18 points for the whole season. The second car, which appeared in the second season for the team, had the uncomplicated name Red Bull RB2. His pilots in 2006 were David Coulthard and Christian Wedge, already familiar to many. The new engine from Ferrari solved the problem of cooling, which may have affected the 2005 result. In general, this model was not much different from the debut. All these tests have hardened the team, which decided to show everyone what Red Bull is capable of.

The cars created for Formula 1 2007 and further models until 2014, had minor changes and additions. Each had its own pilots – Red Bull RB3, 4 and 5 were driven by David Coulthard and Mark Webber, the sixth modification was managed by both familiar Mark Webber and the new pilot Sebastian Vettel. The last composition was preserved until the ninth model of the car, released in 2013. Daniel Ricardo was a worthy replacement for Mark Webber. The third team car, released in 2007 was incredibly fast, but the security left much to be desired. The cars now and then went the distance, and the technical director, together with a team of mechanics, puzzled trying to understand the reasons for failures and create the perfect racing car, which would eclipse competitors and take the team to a new level. During the fourth season, the team lost two more positions in the standings, leading to the desperate racers, the leadership and at that time a few fans of the team. A series of failures ended in 2009 thanks to the efforts of the pilots Vettel and Uebber, who ran the fifth model of the Red Bull car. Here it is, such a long-awaited and deserved triumph of the Grand Prix in China in the first half of the season, four wins in the second. And now they are in second place, so close to victory.

2010 was remembered by the fans not as the outcome of the season, as the internal turmoil between the pilots. Vettel and Webber could not work in a team, they ignored the tactics of mentors, but this did not prevent them from winning two cups. Constant competition between the pilots ended in Abu Dhabi, where Sebastian Vettel proved his superiority once and for all by winning. 2011 raises the Bulls to unprecedented peaks, leaving competitors only the regrets and bitterness of defeat. Both pilots earn all the possible rewards of racing, but Sebastian is still in the lead. The last racing season today was very intense. Red Bull won the second prize, losing to the Mercedes team, star racer Sebastian lost his position and went to the team Ferrari. In the 2015 season, the promising Russian driver Daniil Kvyat will take his place.

Forecasts of specialists about the future of the team Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing is one of the strongest teams participating in Formula 1. Opponents are wary of the development and improvement of the young team. Sponsors are built in a queue, the number of fans increases with each new season. The team uses competent tactics in racing and in promoting and popularizing the team in the world. The statistics of the bookmakers only confirms the popularity and reliability of the team.

The most outstanding year in the history team

2006 year: The second season is harder than the first, despite the fairly powerful V8 from Ferrari, which Red Bull took over. In place of the technical director comes Adrian Newey, who has already successfully worked with Williams and McLaren and brought them more than one victory. David Coulthard wins the first podium at the Monaco Grand Prix, third place. For the year, the team gains 18 points less than in the previous season, besides, they face increasing difficulties in the Toro Rosso subsidiary team and again the seventh place in the championship.

F1: Red Bull breaks up with Infiniti

Long-term partnership will end before the end of the year. Red Bull Racing opened the week with a loud statement: The F1 team completes its long-term collaboration with Infiniti. Relationships between long-standing business partners will end by the end of the year. It remains to add that last week the team called a new supplier of engines. Units under the brand of the Swiss watch maker TAG Heuer will be assembled by the design firm Ilmor, which, in turn, refines the Renault engines. Before power plants Red Bull delivered itself “Renault”. The French company from 2016 will stop the direct supply of engines and return to the Formula-1 factory team.

Team F-1 Red Bull introduced the car for the new season

Red Bull showed a new car for the season 2018 “royal racing.” The team of Formula 1 Red Bull held a presentation of the car for the season 2018. The new machine received an RB14 index. The car has a fully updated livery, painted in dark blue and black colors. As in previous years, Red Bull will use Renault powerplants. In the past championship team from Milton Keynes took the third place in the overall standings, scoring 368 points. 200 of them were in the asset of Daniel Riccardo, another 168 Max Verstappen brought the team to the piggy bank. In the new season, a pair of pilots Red Bull will remain unchanged. The first behind the wheel of a new car will sit down Riccardo, who will travel by car today, February 19, during the advertising shoot on the track at Silverstone. We note, earlier, their race cars showed teams Haas and Williams.

The Austrian team Red Bull for the first time showed photos of the new Formula 1 race car. The car was named RB15 and painted in unusual red and black colors. The official press release said that such a livery was used only for the presentation of the car, and by the first test in Barcelona, ​​the RB15 would receive a more traditional coloring. Recall that in the 2019 season, Red Bull is waiting for a big change – the Austrians will use Honda engines for the first time in their history, and the French team coach Pierre Gasli will replace the team, replacing the Australian Daniel Riccardo who has left for Renault. “I look forward to the start of the season to see how the whole team will work,” said Red Bull leader Max Verstappen. “It is interesting for me to see how the chassis and the new engine will work. In Formula 1, you depend heavily on technology, that it’s impossible to keep in mind some goal at the first grand prix in Australia. But I will always try to squeeze everything possible out of the car.”

Daniel Riccardo: We can still win

Daniel Riccardo did not hide his disappointment with the results of the qualification before the Singapore Grand Prix. The Australian was in the lead throughout both Friday practice sessions, but on Saturday, he first missed his team-mate Max Verstappen, and in the third qualifying segment, Sebastian Vettel unexpectedly took the lead at Ferrari. Nevertheless, Riccardo believes that the question of the winner of the race is still far from closing, and tomorrow he will have every chance to fight for the first position. Daniel Riccardo: “Today I am a little jealous. I partially acknowledge my defeat, but I am sure that we can still win. Today, Seb beat us, but I think our race pace is better.”

Why “Red Bull” will not leave the “Formula 1”

The history of the Red Bull and Renault alliance is nearing completion – Carlos Ghosn officially confirmed recently that Milton-Keynes may not expect to cooperate with the French automaker; The head of Renault angrily remarked that the Red Bull always got all the glory from joint victories, but as soon as the defeats came, the mechanics from Viry were appointed as the culprits of all misfortunes. Dietrich Mateschitz (in the photo – on the right) has his own truth – it is unpleasant to lose, especially when you have completely lost the habit of doing it. Along with the collapse of the union, the Red Bull team itself also runs the risk of – in any case, its first persons speak about it. What led to the critical situation and is it worth taking the threats of Helmut Marko and Christian Horner seriously?

Fear for yourself

When Red Bull went into open conflict with Renault, Milton Keynes could hardly have expected difficulties with changing the supplier of engines. The variant with the transition to Mercedes in the summer seemed quite likely – the “silver arrows”, differing in democracy in relation to client teams, seemed not to be opposed to supplying the “bulls” with new power units. But since the Austrian team would almost certainly seriously claim victory with a Mercedes engine, they were frightened in Stuttgart – realizing what the technical staff of Red Bull is capable of, the board of directors of the German company refused to cooperate with direct competitors. According to rumors, the final decision was taken personally by the head of Daimler, Dieter Zetsche. Mercedes refused to hand over to the opponent the best weapon against themselves – this would be an adventurous move that could cast doubt on the dominance of the German brand in the championship. But what should Red Bull do now? The only option is to cooperate with Ferrari.

Can’t complain

Motors “Ferrari” is not as good as the counterparts from the “Mercedes”, but competitive with a decent chassis. However, for the “bulls” there is a fundamental point – the engines must be the same as that of the Scuderia, in order to compete on an equal footing with the factory stables and qualify for the championship. Such a requirement could make the cooperation of Ferrari and Red Bull impossible and leave the Austrian team without engines for the next season.