Vettel VS Hamilton: they do not have enough influence

Daniel Riccardo already expressed regret that Mercedes and Ferrari did not offer him a contract for 2019. When the Australian was asked if he was connected with the fact that Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel were against his arrival, Daniel doubted that the racers could influence their teams so much. Daniel Riccardo: “You never know for sure – it’s better to ask them yourself. You can bring such an argument that they are the two best riders in the world, so they are sure that they will be able to overcome any partner. Frankly, I do not think that they somehow prevented my appearance. Large organizations such as Ferrari or Mercedes can decide how to act. I have no doubt that Sebastian and Lewis have a certain influence, but it is not enough for them to say to the leadership: “Guys, we will not do that.”

Ferrari is faster, but still loses. Results of the Italian Grand Prix

The first row of the starting field, the support of hundreds of thousands of fans, a home track, the fastest car – none of this helped Ferrari in the home Grand Prix. “Scuderia” did not win at Monza since 2010, when Fernando Alonso represented her colors, and this was the best chance of the “red”, but because of their own mistakes, the silver arrows again celebrated the victory. Moreover, after a series of failures Sebastian Vettel his backlog from Lewis Hamilton reached 30 points, which means that in any outcome of the next race – the Singapore Grand Prix – the briton will retain the first line of the championship.

Ferrari” again in the cold

“Ferrari” was the main favorite of the last four races, but was able to win only one of them (against three Hamilton victories). Vettel lost 38 points for Lewis during this period, Ferrari lost to Mercedes in the Cup of Designers 45 points. Is it catastrophe? Not the word, because in all their troubles Seb and Ferrari are to blame themselves. Let’s start with Vettel. On the eve, Seb confessed that he lost to his partner in qualifying, because he drove a non-ideal circle – that was enough to outperform Mercedes, but he still had to start in second place, that is, from the dirty part of the trajectory. Responding to traffic lights in such a situation was more difficult, to fight off Hamilton – too. And if Raikkonen eventually retained the position at the start, then Vettel immediately came under attack by his pursuers and missed one of them in Roggia: Lewis was already on a more profitable trajectory, and it was pointless to rest on that episode. But Seb did not retreat, although then there would be a real chance to win, and at once rolled back to the very end of the peloton.

What did Ferrari do next? It cost the mechanics of the “Silver Arrows” to run out on the pit lane, as in Scuderia they called Raikkonen to the pit stop. And in principle, the Finn could have enough rubber right up to the end of the race, and even a five-second gap could ensure Kimi’s victory. Had it not been for the delayed Valtteri Bottas. Perhaps it was not the most sporting tactic of a Mercedes, but Ferrari should have been ready for this. “Today Raikkonen fought with two rivals alone – and it was not easy,” said after the finish line Maurizio Arrivabene. – There are still seven races ahead? And we do not intend to give up.”

Pressure on Vettel increases

The judges found the collision of Hamilton and Vettel in the first round racing incident and did not punish anyone, and although Seb himself said that Mercedes did not leave him a place, most of the experts in the paddock believe that the German is wrong. “This is one hundred percent wine Sebastian, Lewis left him enough space,” – said, for example, Nico Rosberg. Anyway, the fact is that already on the first lap Vettel lost any chance of winning – and largely because of his own fervor. It is not the first time that Vettel loses points on his own initiative: in Baku he lost two positions due to a rash attack on Bottas, in France he lost 15 points to Hamilton, and at the recent race in Germany, he gave the British twice as much – Seb should I had seven points, but lost 25. In the paddock, they believed that Ferrari had broken the initiative, Vettel was called almost the main contender for the title, but now he loses as much as he never lost this year – 30 points. The pressure on the German is increasing – he can no longer afford mistakes. But the higher the pressure, the more mistakes Seb commits. So, exactly a year ago, the failed Ferrari Asian series began with a blockage in Singapore, provoked by Vettel’s overly aggressive defense. And now Cebu will have to return to Marina Bay, where he will be reminded of that accident many times, which is unlikely to contribute to the psychological stability of the German.

“Racing Point” shines again

According to the results of the Italian Grand Prix, Haas and Renault caught up in the fight for the fourth place of the Constructors’ Championship, but the judges soon found out that the bottom of Romain Grosjean’s car did not comply with the technical regulations – the Frenchman was excluded from the protocols, and the sixth place went to Esteban Ocón, and Sergio Perez climbed to the seventh line. “(Racing Point) Force India,” thus, scored 14 points and for the two races came in seventh place of the Cup of designers, ahead of Toro Rosso. In Monza, “Force India” again fought for the title of the leader of the middle of the peloton, and in the last laps of the Windows with Perez put down Grosjean and for 20 seconds ahead of Carlos Sainz on the “Reno”. Despite all the financial and administrative problems, pink race cars continue to perform at an incredibly high level – in the last two Grand Prix, “Force India” scored seven points more than the “Red Bull”! Is it worth mentioning that if the team had retained points for the first half of the season, it would be “Force India” that would go in fourth place in the Constructors’ Championship? But now the ultimate dream, in the words of Otmar Safnauer, is fifth.

The Renault retains the fourth line – it was with their submission that Grosjean was excluded from the protocols, but things don’t go well with the French. Not only do the engines break down regularly, the factory pilots also do not shine with performance: Nico Hulkenberg has already scored three races in a row, and Carlos Sainz brought only six points to the treasury. By the way, if it were not for the disqualification of “Haas”, the Renault team would already be the fifth.

Toro Rosso VS Red Bull: “Toro Rosso” will partially copy the “Red Bull” of the season-2018

The car of the Formula 1 team of Toro Rosso of the season 2019 will partially copy the Red Bull car of the model of the last season. “Toro Rosso”, for which in the new season will be the Russian Daniil Kvyat and the Thai-British racer Alexander Albon, is a subsidiary “stable” of the “Red Bull”. According to the portal, starting next season, the technical ties between the teams will become even closer because of the desire of the owner of Red Bull Dietrich Mateschitz to save on his program in Formula 1. This means that in 2019, “Toro Rosso” will exhibit a car, in which large elements will copy the Red Bull car nodes of the season-2018. “Mateschitz instructed to create synergy,” said Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s consultant for motorsport. “We cannot afford to keep practically identical technical teams. From here, several concepts were born, but they haven’t been fully implemented yet.”

Honda Technical Director: “We will treat Red Bull and Toro Rosso equally in terms of resource allocation”

Honda Technical Director Toeharu Tanabe said that the Japanese company would equally follow the interests of Red Bull and Toro Rosso, and this is not only about the delivery of identical engine configurations enshrined in the rules. “It’s not just that we supply the same equipment to two teams. We will also treat them equally in terms of resource allocation and development. It should be quite simple, because the two teams are part of the same family,” Tanabe says. The manager of the team “Toro Rosso” Graham Watson told how the process of distributing Honda engineers between two teams will be organized: “50% of the professionals who worked with us will remain. The remaining 50% will go to Red Bull.” As a result, both teams will have half of the engineers who have already worked here, and half of the new staff from Honda. I think this is the best and most honest approach. Considering that new specialists will come, we need to do everything possible to integrate them into the team and understand which techniques help us work most efficiently. If we have learned something in the past, then the process should be simple, and by the end of the first tests, everyone will touch each other.”