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The team “Toro Rosso”, it seems, finally decided on the composition of the pilot for the next season. Along with Russian Daniel Kvyat in the younger stable “Red Bull”, Alexander Albon, a 22-year-old pilot of the Formula-2 Championship, will be performing. In connection with his transition to the royal series there was a small scandal. The fact is that Alex Albon had signed a three-year contract with Nissan Formula E team in the summer and was supposed to become a partner of the Swiss Sebastien Buemi. But in the “Red Bull” decided that it was the Anglo-Thai racer will be the perfect candidate for Daniil Kvyat.

First, Albon is still young. Secondly, he is a strong pilot, which is not just demonstrated in the racing series – was the third in the “Formula Renault” in 2014, the second in GP3 in 2016 (then Charles Leclaire won). In the Formula 2 in the current season, only he has competed with the protégé of Mercedes George Russell, who has already signed a contract with Williams. And despite the rather comfortable advantage of Russell, the pilot DAMS Albon before the finish of the season in Abu Dhabi retains the chances for the title. Thirdly, Alex was part of the support program for young pilots, “Red Bull”. So far, there have been no official statements from Toro Rosso, Red Bull and Nissan, except for the confirmation of the fact of negotiations. But insiders claim that the issue is resolved, the contract is signed, and press releases are only a matter of time. Albon has already missed the tests of “Formula E” in Valencia because of the negotiations on the transition to Formula 1. In Nissan, of course, they were unhappy, but they could not do anything, because the contract with the pilot prescribed a clause stating that they would not hinder him in the case of a proposal from the royal team.

What does this mean for Kvyat?

This season for the “Toro Rosso” stand Frenchman Pierre Gasley and New Zealander Brandon Hartley. Next season, Gasli will be Max Verstappen’s partner in the Red Bull, and Hartley will go to another racing series. During the Grand Prix of Mexico, Redon’s leaders Christian Horner and Helmut Marco told Brandon. Hartley, who came to the “Toro Rosso” in the place of Daniil Kvyat last season, could not convince the management team in their high qualifications. Now there is a reverse castling. Kvyat, obviously, will take the place of Pierre Gasli and receive the status of the first pilot of the team. Assuming otherwise is just weird. The Russian has spent four seasons in Formula 1, and his absolute partner will be his partner. But at the same time from Kvyat will certainly wait for the result as it was before the “US Grand Prix” 2017. Daniel then found himself in a difficult situation and lost his place in the royal races. The head of “Toro Rosso” Franz Tost explained that the decision made then was forced.

– The decision was difficult and it was extremely difficult for us. But it was true. Both the team and Daniel lost mutual trust. He was dissatisfied with our work, we were unhappy with the way he performed in some races. There were more and more questions; in the end, everything led to parting, said Toast. – I am sure that Daniel will return to Formula 1 by another racer. If we give him a good car, he will bring us high results. Quat got another chance. I hope he will use it. It seems that the year outside the races should have helped him get together, and now it is time to show his speed and talent. It is true – Kvyat needs to do this not only against the background of Albon, but also against all the rest.

Red Bull drivers: David Coulthard has released a new book

Formula 1 is famous for the fact that the working day there lasts so long that it contradicts the norms accepted in society, and you really have to give it your best. In this sport, you can meet people from all over the world, and all these people work inspiringly and selflessly. When you hear how the racers after the finish of the Grand Prix thank those who work on the basis of the team, it is because they know exactly how much effort everyone needs to make in order to win or at least the podium. In Formula 1, it goes without saying that you are ready to work hard, not sparing yourself.”

With these words begins the first chapter of David Coulthard, published a couple of weeks ago, entitled “Winning Formula: Leadership, Strategy and Motivation, as they are understood in F1”. The book is autobiographical. Exactly ten years ago, the Scotsman already published his autobiography, when his career in Formula 1 approached the finals, but since then much gasoline has flowed, and David, becoming a popular commentator and successful entrepreneur, now looks at the world of Big Prizes in a different way: remaining his paddock, while he watches what is happening as if from the side. Those who have already managed to get acquainted with his new work, note that the book is interesting, easy to read, and it tells a lot of different stories that few people knew before. David shares memories of curious episodes of his career, and also refers to the experience of such famous characters as Lewis Hamilton, Ron Dennis, Frank Williams, Christian Horner, Sebastian Vettel, and others who have known him well for a long time. In general, “Victory Formula” is a book for those who want to get to know the mysterious world of Formula 1 better and try to understand both the business side of this sport and the sporting aspects of this business.

David Coulthard about racers weight problem

David Coulthard: “In Barcelona, ​​we saw a great race, but let’s not forget about the main thing: new technologies are still imperfect and adversely affect riders, who have to lose weight, but this problem is of serious concern. Yes, Grand Prix was great, yes, in the “Mercedes” made a bold decision, allowing their pilots to fight with each other, and were rewarded with a victorious double, and the audience saw a sharp fight wheel to wheel. I agree that such a show was very useful after the recent criticism of the new regulations, which came into force this year. All this is true. But let’s not pretend that everything is going fine. Not yet. One good race does not mean that the whole season will be the same. The bottom line is that new power plants, for all their technological complexity and perceived compliance with the demands of the modern world, not only work slower and quieter than previous V8 engines, but they are also much harder. Previously, the car weighed 640 kg, and now – 690. The increase is significant, if you understand that every 10 kg of weight is an extra 0.3 seconds per lap.

Anyway, in this life you have to pay for everything. New power plants have become much harder, cars hardly fit into the weight limit specified by the regulations, and someone has to pay for new-fangled hybrid technology. At the moment, the extreme drivers were. In a new situation, a huge advantage is given to those who are shorter and lighter – this can’t be denied. And this is not only unfair – in my opinion, success in racing should be determined by the skill of the pilot and the speed of reaction, and not your size – it is also unsafe. When I was a teenager and just started my career in motor sport, I had problems with nutrition. It seemed to me that I could achieve weight loss in the only way – if I provoke vomiting. I began to look like skin and bones. And I really would not want someone from the current racers repeated my sad experience. I do not think it will come to this, but we must remain on our guard.

Before the race in Bahrain, Jean-Eric admitted that he had brought himself to starvation before that he was in the hospital. Jenson Button completely eliminated carbohydrates from the diet. Adrian Sutil was going to drive the race in Sakhir, abandoning a bottle of water. Perhaps Formula 1 racers should not be pitied, because they stop at 5-star hotels, they are paid a lot of money, but not only have they suffered, sports suffer. Formula 1 should not be like that. Take, for example, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. This year, Lewis has lost a significant portion of muscle mass, and it seems to me that these two are almost equal in weight. Therefore, the problem does not apply to them? You are mistaken! Weight becomes such an important factor that if one of them succeeds in dropping another pound before the race, this guarantees a very important advantage, especially if the struggle is as acute as in Barcelona. In my opinion, you need to enter a fixed weight of the car and the rider, on which everyone could navigate. This should be a certain average figure that would suit everyone. It is necessary to return to the fact that the outcome of the race decides the skill, not the weight of their participants.

Changes in the rules should ultimately benefit the sport. I do not want to say that the whole concept of the new Formula 1 is wrong, because the future of the automotive industry is definitely not connected with hydrocarbon fuels. Just while new technologies are still far from perfect. And people can say anything about the greenhouse effect of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, about environmentally friendly engines, but while racers have to starve themselves to death, and top teams still ignore potential world champions, the same Nico Hulkenberg, just because for their high growth – it means that in Formula 1 there are serious problems.”

Sebastian Vettel is a four-time world champion

The third consecutive victory at the Indian Grand Prix allowed Sebastian Vettel ahead of schedule to issue the fourth Formula One championship title. The German pilot shared with Red Bull his impressions of the victory and the season as a whole.

  • Seb, can you say that this season in Formula 1 was for you “calm”? No, although I am pleased that at most stages I was lucky to finish first. I am glad that each of my podium was warmly welcomed by the fans and colleagues. In addition, the season for me was almost perfect, since its start. I showed an excellent race in Singapore, was able to show character in Spa and in Japan. Special thanks I want to say to our mechanics – this is just fine when the car behaves as you need. When everything works, you just enter the rhythm and fly along the track to the finish!
  • Is it important for you to win the Grand Prix in the dominant style or is it more interesting to fight throughout the race? Honestly, I always enjoy the victory and do not pay attention to how the struggle on the track and even more so for personal offset. Naturally, the struggle is more exciting, but for me any victory brings great pleasure.
  • Have you thought that this season you will have a strong competitor? Or was he calm and confident in his abilities? I think I myself have already argued in 2010 and 2012 that you can quickly return to the fight for the title, even if you seriously lag behind the championship leader. The situation could change quickly at any moment, but we confidently moved forward, concentrating on our work, and this brought success!
  • For eight races before the end of the championship, your advantage was already 46 points. Everyone started saying that the fight for the title is complete. Yes, but we were ready for anything. Before each race, I was given a setup so that I would not concentrate on the individual competition, as much as I would like. As the season showed, this was the right approach.
  • Who do you think is the main rival this season? This is Fernando Alonso, who demonstrated excellent stability throughout the season. And Kimi Räikkonen, who regularly won points and Lewis Hamilton, who proved that Mercedes has a great car. I would also include Nico Rosberg here – he had a successful period in the middle of the season, when he was one of the “serious” players in the individual competition. His result in India is another proof of this!
  • This is your fourth title and fourth consecutive Designer Cup for Red Bull Racing. Fans believe that such domination is bad for Formula 1, because it deprives the fight for the title of the main intrigue. I understand the fans, but I do not think so. It gives me great pleasure the process of piloting, participation in the race. And I do not think that the struggle this season was intriguing – until the summer pause, everything could change in a bad way for us, but I am very glad that everything turned out just like that as it happened.

Sebastian Vettel: In 2020, do not expect me anywhere else but Ferrari

Four-time world champion of Formula 1 Sebastian Vettel has denied the possibility of leaving Ferrari in the near future. Under the contract, the German will hold in Scuderia at least two more seasons. But the failure last year and the arrival of a promising young partner Charles Leclaire led to the talk that Vettel’s attempt to repeat the success of his compatriot Michael Schumacher with Ferrari may end in 2019. “Everyone knows that my contract is valid until the end of 2020, so do not expect anything else. I am very happy here, – quotes Vettel edition of Motorsport-Total. – My goal is to win the championship, so we have something to work on. I believe that this is my mission in Scuderia. I love racing, and I also have a great passion for Ferrari, which inspired me in my childhood. So it is absolutely clear to me why I am here. ”

In Red Bull confirmed that there was a feud between Vettel and Mark Webber

The head of Red Bull’s Christian Horner remembered the times when Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber played on his team. Christian confirmed that there was enmity between Mark and Sebastian. “Apparently, the feud reached a climax at the end of the 2012 season, when Vettel fought Alonso for the champion title,” says Webber. “At the start of the final race in Brazil, Webber pinned Vettel to the wall, and this incident led to Sebastian unfolded Bruno Senna. Obviously, Sebastian was very angry, and we discussed this after the end of the race. Before the start, we spoke with the pilots, and Mark agreed that he was not fighting for the title, so he should support his partner, but, apparently, Webber’s pilot instinct worked. But then we saw a backlash – this happened in Malaysia the following year. Mark headed the peloton, but Vettel had fresher tires. In that season, tires wear out very quickly, so we banned Vettel from attacking his partner, but, apparently, he thought: “Fuck you.” I am sure that in Malaysia we have seen retribution for Brazil. After the race, Vettel himself said it to Webber. Obviously, it was a very busy time for our team.” Vettel and Webber were teammates from 2009 to 2013 year.

Webber: I don’t know if Hamilton has any weaknesses

On account of the pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton 83 poles and it is worth noting that this is a record. It should be borne in mind that the British will not stop there. Former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber said that he believes that Hamilton is the best in qualifications since the time of Senna. “I have said this many times, but I am ready to repeat: in the qualifications Hamilton is the best since the time of Senna,” says Webber. – It is obvious that in one fast lap the Briton is better than the legendary Michael Schumacher. We can safely say that Hamilton is the best in the last 40 years, on one fast lap he is as fast as Senna. Usually in qualifying Lewis is gaining momentum, and at the decisive moment he gives out just a phenomenal circle. I do not know if the current champion has any weaknesses, so he is a very dangerous opponent. Recently, Hamilton stands out better than Vettel. Lewis has already broken a lot of records, and that says a lot.

Obviously, Hamilton is one of the best racers in the history of Formula 1, and his career is still ongoing, which means that the briton will be able to break many records. Perhaps in 2019, Lewis will become a six-time champion. If this happens and Hamilton will be motivated, then I think that he will do everything possible to match the number of titles with Michael Schumacher. Perhaps the Briton will be able to win eight titles and get ahead of Schumacher. Let’s see how everything goes.”

Mark Webber: Mercedes remains the favorite

In the past year, many believed that Ferrari has the best car, but in the end the Italian team lost to Mercedes in both championships. Former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber suggested that in 2019 the alignment of forces will not change, and Lewis Hamilton will start the season in the best team. Mark Webber: “Mercedes remains the favorite. Last year, this team until the last fought for the title, so it is curious when she switched to creating a new car. Of course, we are waiting for an interesting start to the season; let’s see if Ferrari will be able to impose the fight Mercedes. In the Red Bull Racing will get a new chance to compete for victory in the race. They have a great car, but there are a lot of reliability problems that need to be dealt with. Part of the problem was associated with power plants Renault, partly – with the errors of the team. The engines did not have enough power, so Milton Keynes used an aggressive approach to the development of the machine, so they could use too risky decisions. It is also interesting to observe how Charles Leclair will get used to the regular starts from the first or second row. This is absolutely not something to start from the depths of the peloton. I suppose that he will cope with it perfectly, but he will have some difficulties, since he will have to learn how to fight in the leading group. This is different from fights in the middle of the peloton.

In addition, it is curious how the Valtteri Bottas will show itself. He is experiencing tremendous pressure because of the need to save a seat in a Mercedes, and I admit that he will be able to perform better. He had a hard time last year, but I guess he will win back in the new season.”